Trespade MOD 5 Upright Sausage Filler

Trespade MOD 5 Upright Sausage Filler

5L Manual Upright Sausage Filler

- Made in Italy.

- Stainless steel watertight cylinder.

- Stainless steel base.

- Pressed and hardened steel gears.

- Aluminium gear-block with self lubricating brushes.

- Moplen piston equipped with silicon seal.

- Rubber feet to grip the workbench. 

- Double piston speed for faster filling.

- Ideal for soft/wet mixtures. 

- Provided with 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm funnels.

- Weight 11.50kg.

- Dimensions 25cm x 29cm x 58cm.

The Trespade brand has become synonymous with the manufacturing of superior quality kitchen tools within Italy since it's early beginning in 1906. After visiting the Torino plant ourselves we were more than impressed with their service, facilities and ongoing support. 

790.00 AUD