Meat Culture CHR Hansen Tradi 302

Meat Culture CHR Hansen Tradi 302

The Bactoferm range contains starter cultures for traditionally and fast fermented meat products. Tradi 302 is an all-purpose meat culture for the production of traditional fermented sausages, most notably Italian style. The culture gives a mild acidification and provides a good flavour and colour development.  

Important: The culture does not ferment sucrose and lactose. It is therefore recommended to use dextrose as a carbohydrate source. 

Culture Composition: Lactobacillus Sakei, Staphylococcus Carnosus, Staphylococcus Xlyosus

Dosage: 25g per 50kg added to the mixture with other dry ingredients early in the process i.e. during grinding, cutting or blending. 

Storage: Freezer (-17-1oC), travelling at ambient temperature.

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