South African Sausage Mixes

Some of the most passionate sausage makers we've met over the years have made there way over from South Africa to the land down under. As a result, we now stock imported sausage premixes from Crown National and Freddy Hirsch that have been crafted exclusively in South Africa for everyone to enjoy.

Crown Drywors National Spice

13.50 AUD

Crown Drywors Safari Spice

13.65 AUD

Crown National Cabanossi

17.95 AUD

Crown National Chakalaka Wors

14.90 AUD

Crown National Farmstyle Boerewors

15.85 AUD

Crown National Kasegriller

15.45 AUD

Crown National Oriental Sausage

16.20 AUD

Crown National Original Plaaswors Boerewors

21.65 AUD

Crown National Ouma's Boerewors

19.95 AUD

Crown National Safari Biltong Spice

18.35 AUD

Crown National Safari Chilli Bites

36.45 AUD

Crown National Sosatie Braaiwors

6.10 AUD

Crown National Traditional Boerewors

11.99 AUD

Freddy Hirsch Cederberg Boerewors Spice

32.30 AUD

Freddy Hirsch Chilli Bite Biltong Spice

24.20 AUD

Freddy Hirsch Hunters Biltong Seasoning

34.60 AUD

Freddy Hirsch Kalahari Biltong Spice

17.85 AUD

Freddy Hirsch Kameelhout Boerewors

22.20 AUD

Freddy Hirsch Original Biltong

19.10 AUD

Freddy Hirsch Original Dry Wors

19.55 AUD

Freddy Hirsch Plaaslekker Boerewors

32.90 AUD

Freddy Hirsch Sosatie Wors Spice

15.35 AUD