Trespade TC-32 Elegant Meat Mincer

Trespade TC-32 Elegant Meat Mincer

Electric Meat Grinder (#32)

- Made in Italy.

- High production grinder. 

- Tinned cast iron body.

- Stainless steel hopper, motor cover and base.

- Stainless steel plate and self-sharpening blade.

- 220-240 Volt, 50Hz single-phase asynchronous induction motor

- Easily disassembled for quick and easy cleaning.

- Reversing gear. 

- Weight 25kg.

- Dimensions 28cm x 57cm x 43cm.

- Motor power 1100W.

- 120 worm revolutions per minute.

The Trespade brand has become synonymous with the manufacturing of superior quality kitchen tools within Italy since it's early beginning in 1906. After visiting the Torino plant ourselves we were more than impressed with their service, facilities and ongoing support. 

1,450.00 AUD